Watershed Community Participation

Why is my participation so important?

The participation of the full and part-time watershed residents along with anyone who regularly recreates on the lake, camps in the watershed or simply visits the lake each year is more than welcome to participate in the creation of the watershed management plan.

If this plan is to make a significant difference for the health of the lake, the water quality, the property values, the time the lake is good to swim in and be a place people continue to want to come; it must gain the support and recognition of the watershed community, the regulators and the Water Council.

The plan must reflect, as possible, what the lake needs and what we are willing to do for it.  If potential funders know that the watershed community is actively supportive of the plan, funding is easier to secure to implement the recommendations.  Securing the resources to properly educate and support people in what, why and how we need to adopt the beneficial practices.  If regulators will more likely implement recommendations if they know that a good percentage of their watershed community welcomes those actions.

The science informs us, but only through reading the information, discussion and consideration of the challenges and opportunities will this truly become ‘our plan’: the plan of the watershed community.  Together we will create our roadmap on each topic.

What are my participation options?

Level 1 –  Be connected, receive the PLWMP emails and keep informed.

Connection options:

Level 2 – Give us your input.

For this, you simply need to be connected and chose to do one or more of the following:

Level 3 – Join a Topic Committee.

Special Interest?  You are welcome.  Expertise, you are welcome.

Each Committee is mandated and guided by the Steering Committee to fulfill the goal of the committee.   any one of the topics in an area that you have a special interest in there is room for you on the committee.   Committees are mandated by the steering committee and follow the PLWMP Terms of Reference process based modified from the Water for Life watershed plan model.

Other – Help.  If you simply wish to help with the events or in some way, let us know we may or may not be able to call on you as we move through the topics.  Email plwmpinfo@gmail.com to let us know.  Thanks!







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