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NEW!  Hot off the press: the Preliminary Draft for Pigeon Lake Residents of the:  Clean Runoff Action Guide!!!

2016 Clean Runoff Project Work – Based on the Clean Runoff Survey will include:

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According to the in-depth water sampling for the Alberta Government’s report:  Pigeon Lake Phosphorus Budget, approximately 2,913 kg of nutrients of diffuse runoff enters the lake each year from all around the lake.  See Executive Summary.

Not knowing, we designed water drainage to take the shortest and fastest route to the lake.  Even without added fertilizer, it carries nutrients and contaminants into the lake.

The good news is that residents and communities can reduce much of this with simple changes to catch, slow and filter the water runoff.  Golf courses, summer camps and others will all be invited to participate as we proceed.

Water Runoff?

Water runoff is the rainwater and snow melt that flows on and through the ground into the lake from above the water table. It is also referred to as “surface water”. We now know that when we develop land, we decrease the capacity of the ground to slow, absorb and filter the water before it goes into the lake.

Before and After

Even without the addition of fertilizers, land development greatly increases the amount of water runoff and along with it the nutrients and contaminants entering the lake.

The Team:  The PLWMP has partnered with the Alberta Low Impact Development Partnership (ALIDP) as an advisor and lead on the development of a “Best Practices” Clean Runoff Guide to show how to incorporate techniques onto properties around the Pigeon Lake watershed.  Together we will design a guide that will help watersheds across the province.

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120109-LSCClogoHoriz2009_2C-hr   This Healthy Lake Runoff Project is  funded in part through the Watershed Stewardship Grant, a program of Land Stewardship Centre financed by Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development.
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