Watershed Management Plan


The Pigeon Lake Watershed Managment Plan – 2018 (“Plan”) has been updated based on public consultation. The Plan is going through a process of municipal adoptions and endorsements from organizations such as the Alliance of Pigeon Lake Municipalities (aplm.org) and the Pigeon Lake Watershed Association (plwa.ca). The Plan is a joint initiative of the PLWA and APLM with support from many local organizations and the Government of Alberta.

The plan encompasses Pigeon Lake and all the lands that drain into the lake (or Watershed).  The Plan’s goals are to:

If you are concerned about the lake and the local economy, please read the Plan and support your local decision-makers in their efforts to adopt and implement the plan.

Plan Documents

Summary of Input from the Public

Opportunities have been provided to Lake leaders and the Public to learn about the Plan. These include, placement on the plump website, a Leader’s Session in April 2017, two open houses in June of 2017, plus information displays at Farmer’s Markets, and Summer Village Information Meetings, and other events. All were asked to review the draft plan then answer questions placed on an on-line survey.

Thank-you to the 176 individuals who submitted the survey on behalf of at least 397 people around the Lake!

Read the a summary of the PL Plan  in the PLWMP Oct Update.  Highlights are below.



Plan Synopsis

The purpose of the Pigeon Lake Watershed Management Plan is to develop a comprehensive, science-based plan to motivate and coordinate action for the improvement of Pigeon Lake, its shore lands and watershed.

The Vision of the Plan is:

Working Together for a Healthy Watershed, Healthy Lake, Healthy Community.

The intent of the plan is to guide people to make the changes the lake needs to benefit the lake and the people who live, work and play in the Pigeon Lake region.

This Plan is intended to be recognized within the provincially-led North Saskatchewan Regional Land Use Framework Plan (which includes Pigeon Lake), as well as other regional agreements such as Intermunicipal Development Plans (IDP).   This plan will encourage people at all levels to choose to get involved and make a difference for Pigeon Lake.


Key Links

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