PLWMP Events

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August 24th, 9:00 am – PLWA Annual General Meeting and Open House to see location & details, one of the biggest events of the year!  Experts, resources, the PLWA report to members and more!


August 24th, 1:30 pm PLWMP 3rd Public Engagement Session with Judy Stewart.  The first two were introductions to the PLWMP.  This one will focus on the work of the two committees:

1. Model Land Use Bylaw (MLUB) Committee – Judy, a lawyer with considerable land use expertise was contracted to assist the MLUB Committee to develop a bylaw.   Instead of reading the draft together, boring…  we will be challenged to apply different sections to aerial photos of places in our watershed and in the process talk about the WHATS, WHYS & HOWS getting really good specific feedback from you for the committee.

2. Cosmetic Fertilizer Committee – Hear about the research gathered, what the science says, what bylaws have made a difference in places across North America; what information could be part of the bylaws the committee recommends?  Consider what will help the lake and be accepted by people around the lake.  Give your input.



The Events have started small and are building momentum.

July 6th – 1st Public Event

July 6 2

A dozen people dropped into the first public session open house portion and a handful stayed for the presentation.  Held in the Lakedell small hall, we had a terrific conversation about the topics, what they mean and don’t mean, the importance of the PLWMP is and some other potential considerations.

July 13th – 2nd Public Event

People from all around the lake dropped into the second public event held on the north side of the lake at the Sandholm Hall, including three generations from one family concerned with the health of the lake.

There was a drop-in portion then an hour presentation and conversation.

Each person posted their dot on a map of the lake and watershed, to show were they are located in the watershed.  People shared what the lake means to them and their family members, their concerns, and heard about the planning what it is about and why it is important.


Bob Gibbs the Steering Committee Chair made a presentation, and led a conversation about the different aspects.  People talked about what topic they think is most important to be tackled next.






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