Clean Runoff Action Guide


ALBERTA Clean Runoff Action Guide




Clean Runoff approaches and practices to direct, slow and clean water runoff before it enters the lake.

This Guide has been created in sections so that people can download the sections of interest.   Every section is full of key facts, great visuals and guidance for making decisions to help the lake!

SECTION 1:  Introduction 

SECTION 2: Overview 

1.  Evaluating Your Site – The first step in managing stormwater runoff on your property is taking a good look at the site and identifying areas for runoff improvement.

2.  Construction – Principles, a Controls Checklist and The Erosion and Sediment Control Plan in Action

3.  Landscaping (Updated July 2017!) – You can control runoff on your property by making changes – or sometimes NOT making changes – to the design of and materials you use on your landscape.  You have the power to make creative choices that will both improve water quality and look fantastic!  It all adds up.

4. Green Roofs – When it comes to reducing surface runoff, why not take it from the top?  (In Development)

5.  Rainwater Harvesting – Rainwater Harvesting is simply capturing and using rainwater, and people have been doing it for thousands of years!  Barrels, Larger Systems AND Toilet Flushing System.

6. Rain Gardens (Updated July 2017!) – Holding back and soaking in runoff in small depressed planting beds is like gardening the rain, hence the name.  The plants and soil absorb, clean the runoff delivering a range of environmental benefits while avoiding the challenges of standing water.

7.  Trenches and Soakaways – These tools equip you with nearly infinite possibilities to move, slow and soak runoff into your property.

8. Permeable Pavements – Almost every landscape design has to incorporate some hard surfaces:  driveways, walkways, patios.  AND even these surfaces can be designed to reduce runoff!

Section 3:  Municipal Conveyance (In Development)


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